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Trees are the building blocks of the Forest. They are drawn from your deck into you hand. Trees can be placed on the board in order to expand your Forest or saved up and invested in building a Structure. 

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Trees are a Resource that each player has access to via their own personal Forest Deck. At the beginning of the game, each player chooses a color to play with. The Trees in your deck are the only Trees you can use during the game.

Throughout the game, Trees will move between your deck, your hand, and the board. When Trees are in your deck, you cannot use them (unless a specific card says otherwise). When you have Trees in your hand, you can use them for several different Actions


You draw Trees from your Forest Deck in the Dawn Phase of your turn (the very beginning of your turn).

At the start of the game, you draw 2 Trees in your Dawn Phase.

Per Active Temple in your Forest, draw +1 Tree in your Dawn Phase. 


Growing a Tree costs 1 Manna.

There are two rules that govern where you are allowed to place Trees on the board:

(1) The Tree must be connected to a card of your color already on the board.

(2) The space on the board must be Fertile.


Trees can only be removed from the board by Effect Cards: either Star Cards or Cultivation Cards. When a Tree is removed from the board by an Effect Card, the card will clearly state where the Trees are moved to.


Do I need to discard Trees I do not use at the end of my turn?

No. You can hold your Trees in your hand between turns. In fact, this is advisable, as large numbers of Trees are required in order to build Structures in your Forest.

Can I spend Manna to draw more Trees?

No. You cannot exchange Manna for Trees during your Day Phase. However, if you are playing the Ancient Oduun, you can exchange Manna for Trees if you activate your Ancient Blessing.

Can I run out of Trees to draw in my Forest Deck?

Yes. There are only 30 Trees in each player's Forest Deck. This means that it is possible to run out of Trees to draw in your Dawn Phase.