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Manna is the energy that powers the forest. You gain Manna by rolling dice at the start of your turn, and spend it on the actions you take during your turn.

Story text 


Manna is a Resource that players spend in order to perform Actions on their turn. Manna does not carry over from one turn to the next.


At the start of your turn (in your Dawn Phase) you gain Manna by rolling the two Manna Dice. You always choose the higher roll, and this number represents the number of Manna you start your turn with. 

If you have an Active Arborium in your Forest, you start your turn with +2 Manna in addition to the number you rolled. You can also gain Manna from Cultivation Cards and Star Cards.

If you start your turn with your Ancient standing on your Arborium, you do not roll the dice and instead start your turn with 8 Manna. 


After you have rolled for Manna, you place the die you chose on your Manna Tracker at the base of your side of the board. 

As you spend or gain additional Manna during your turn, you can move the die to track the number of Manna you have left. 


The Manna Tracker has 8 spaces on it. At any given time, you can only have a maximum of 8 Manna.


Can I save Manna I don't spend on my turn?

No. Manna you don't spend does not carry over to your next turn. It is important to spend your Manna wisely to avoid wasting it.

What happens if I roll two Ancient Blessings when I roll for Manna?

If you roll two Ancient Blessing symbols on your Manna Dice, you must reroll one of the dice until you roll a number. 

What happens if I gain more Manna than the Maximum?

If you play a card that gives you Manna, but you exceed the limit of your Maximum Manna, the excess Manna is wasted. Remember, seek the most efficient use your resources!