Arborium Grey.png

The Arborium is a powerful Structure that you can build in your Forest during your Day Phase. When you have an Arborium in your Forest, you gain additional Manna at the start of your turn.

Story text 


Building the Arborium always costs 6 Trees and 3 Manna. You return the Trees from your hand to your deck of Trees when you build the Arborium.


You can build 1 Arborium in your Forest.


Where you are allowed to build the Arborium follows the same rules as  growing a Tree:

(1) The Arborium must be connected to a card of your color already on the board.

(2) The space on the board must be Fertile.

However, there is one additional rule:

(3) The space must be bordering at least 2 Trees of your color.


An Active Temple grants you the following bonuses:

(1) +1 Victory Point 

(2) Gain  +2 Manna in your Dawn Phase.

(3) If your Ancient is standing on top of your Arborium at the start of your turn, you gain 8 Manna instead of rolling dice.


The Arborium only grants its bonuses if it is Active. The Arborium is only Active if it is bordering at least 2 Trees of your color.

If at any point it is no longer Active, it is turned over until it is reactivated.


The Arborium is reactivated once it is bordering at least 2 Trees of your color again. 


Can I build the Arborium next to another Structure?

Yes, but only if both Structures are bordering at least 2 Trees. Other structures do not count for this placement condition.

Is there any way to remove an Arborium from the board?

No. The Arborium is Eternal, which means that it cannot be removed from the board. 

Can I cut a player off from their Arborium completely?

Yes! If you remove the Trees that connect the Arborium to your opponent's forest and grow your own Trees in their place, you can cut your opponent off from their Arb. This is a devastating move to have happen to you, so be careful you don't get caught!


The Arborium is Eternal, meaning that it cannot be removed or moved by any card of effect in the game. 

Once you build the Arborium, it isn't going anywhere.