The Game of Arbor is a competitive strategy board game for 2-4 players produced from sustainable and innovative materials. Play as an ancient forest spirit on a journey to bring life back to your barren world. Outsmart and outplay your opponents to become the greatest spirit of all!


The Game of Arbor is an independently produced board game by Jesse Kroon. 

The Game of Arbor

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  • The Game of Arbor is produced using sustainable or recycled materials:


    The textile used for the Game Envelope, the Card Pouches, and the Game Board made of recycled PET bottles by Waste2Wear.


    The Manna Dice are made of FSC certified wood.


    The Ancient Pieces are made of reclaimed waste wood and have been cut, sanded, and stained by hand. 


    The Game Guide is made of hyper-sustainable Elephantgrass paper produced by Vibers, an innovative Dutch paper company. 


    The paper used for all cards is 100% PEFC certified, and produced from recycled fibers.


  • The Game of Arbor - First Edition - includes the following components: 


    Game Envelope 


    The Game of Arbor Game Guide


    Game Board 


    4 unique, hand-made wooden Ancient pieces


    2 custom Manna Dice


    5 Ancient Cards 


    4 Root Cards


    4 Forest Decks in 4 Colors (30 Tree Cards, 5 Temple Cards, 1 Arborium Card)


    34 Cultivation Cards


    25 Star Cards


    Card Pouches for Cultivation, Star, Ancient + Root, and Forest decks