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Your Dawn Phase is the start of your turn, where you gain the Resources you will spend throughout the rest of your turn.

Story text 

Gaining Resources

During your Dawn Phase, you gain two Resources:

(1) You draw Trees from your deck into your hand.

(2) You roll the Manna Dice for Manna

Rolling the Ancient Blessing

The Manna Dice have a special symbol instead of a 1 face. Rolling this symbol means that you may use your Ancient Blessing on your turn, in addition to gaining the Manna displayed on the other die.

Consult your Ancient character sheet for the effect of your Ancient Blessing.

If you roll two Ancient Blessing symbols, reroll one of the dice until you roll a number. 

Standing on the Arborium at Dawn

If your Ancient is standing on your Arborium at the start of your turn, you do not roll the Manna Dice. Instead, you automatically gain 8 Manna

The End of the Dawn Phase

Once you start spending Manna, your Dawn Phase is over. You cannot return to your Dawn Phase once you have moved into your Day Phase


Is it possible to run out of Trees to draw?

Yes. While you will grow far and wide, you need to grow your forest strategically as well. Luckily, there are ways to return Trees from the board to your deck or your hand. 

When can I play Dawn Cultivation Cards during my Dawn Phase?

There are no restrictions on when or how many Dawn Cultivation Cards you can play during your Dawn Phase. Read the card carefully!

Is it possible to start my turn with more Manna than the maximum?

No. While you may have lots of cards that can grant you more Manna at the start of your turn, you can never have more than 8 Manna at one time.