Star Card

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Star Cards are powerful cards that can drastically change the state of the game. They are drawn at the end of your turn during your Dusk Phase.

Story text 

Drawing Star Cards

Drawing a Star Card costs 3 Manna.

When you draw a Star Card, you take the top 2 cards of the Star Card deck and place them face down so that all players can see them.

The back of the card shows you the Spirit that the card belongs to.

You choose the card you want and return the other card to the top of the Star Card deck. 

You can draw more than 1 Star Card in a single turn.

The End of your Turn

Drawing a Star Card means that you are ending your turn. Once you enter your Dusk Phase, you cannot go back to performing any other Actions.

Playing Star Cards

Most Star Cards have a Manna cost. This is shown by the number of stars that at the top of the card. Most Star Cards can only be played in the Day Phase of your turn.

If a Star Card has an empty circle at the top of the card, it does not cost Manna to play.

You can play as many Star Cards in your turn as your Manna allows. 

After a Star Card is played, you place it face up on the discard pile.

Maximum 6 Effect Cards in Hand

You can only hold up to 6 Effect Cards in your hand at any time. If you have already reached the maximum, you cannot draw any more. You cannot discard cards that you have in your hand.


Can I look at a Star Card's effect before I choose it?

No. You are only allowed to look at the back of a Star Card before you choose it. However, the Spirit a card belongs to will tell you a lot about the kind of Star Card you will acquire.

Can I hide my Star Cards from my opponent?

No. Your opponent can ask to see the number of Effect Cards you have, as well as the Spirit (back side) of your Star Cards. No hiding!

I have a question about a specific card!

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