Cultivation Card

Cultivation Grey.png

Cultivation Cards are inexpensive cards that help you in a variety of ways. Cultivation Cards can only be played in a  specific phase of your turn. 

Story text 

Drawing Cultivation Cards

Drawing a Cultivation Card costs 1 Manna.

You can only draw Cultivation Cards if your Ancient is standing on one of your Temples.

You can draw more than 1 Cultivation Card in a single turn.

Playing Cultivation Cards

Cultivation Cards do not cost Manna to play. There is no limit to the number of Cultivation Cards you can play on a single turn.

However, they can only be played in a specific Phase of your turn. 

The symbol at the top of a Cultivation Card displays the Phase that the card can be played in. 

After a Cultivation Card is played, it is discarded face up in the discard pile.

Maximum 6 Effect Cards in Hand

You can only hold up to 6 Effect Cards in your hand at any time. If you have already reached the maximum, you cannot draw any more. You cannot discard cards that you have in your hand.