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The Day Phase is the main part of your turn, where you spend the Resources you gained during your Dawn Phase to perform a variety of Actions. 

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Day Actions

These are the Actions you can take during your Day Phase:

Growing a Tree

Moving the Ancient

Building a Structure (Temple or Arborium)

Playing a Star Card

Drawing (or playing) a Cultivation Card

Actions performed during your Day Phase cost Manna or a combination of Trees and Manna to perform.  

Spending and Gaining Manna

As you spend Manna, move the die down your Manna Tracker to show how much Manna you have left.

If you play a card to gain Manna, or gain Manna through a different effect, move the down back up the Manna Tracker.

The End of the Day Phase

Your Day Phase ends when:


(1) you decide to move to your Dusk Phase if you want to draw a Star Card


(2) when you run out of Manna to spend on Actions (and you have no way to gain more Manna)

(3) or you decide you do not want to perform any more Actions.

It is important to declare when your Day Phase is over so your opponent knows what you're up to.


Can I perform Day Phase Actions in any order?

Yes. The Game of Arbor is all about freedom of choice. How you decide to spend your Resources is completely up to you. The order in which you perform Actions defines your strategy, so think carefully!

Is there a limit to how much Manna I can (re)gain during my Day Phase?

No! If you have the means, you can keep refilling your Manna during your turn. Remember, you can only have a maximum of 8 Manna at a time.